Posts for the month of September 2012 back up and running has been down lately due to DreamHost upgrading their Python executable version. This was due to happen some time as Python progresses in versions and the server is upgraded with new Python versions every once in a while.

I've reinstalled the Trac software using DreamHost's own "One Click Installs" to have better compatibility with the server software so that the same thing doesn't happen again.

All the plugins have been reinstalled and on top of that I've installed a couple of new plugins;

Anonymous users can create tickets again but hopefully we can stop any bots or spammers with the current measures.

Have fun!

Ticket Report 17 FIXED!

I FINALLY fixed ticket report query 17 ("Active tickets, Mine first, DESC") so that it displays correctly with the ID numbers descending uniformly per group. It only took me 2 hours... /wrists

Original post date: 4th July 2012 2:18

More Dev Changes

Due to Red_X being AWOL, I have stepped into his place as Head Of TWDev. I'm currently in the process of merging our dev branches (bot, web, and possibly some map), so expect some new faces!

Original post date: 18th May 2012 17:03

Congratulations Red_X!

Red_X is now the Trench Wars Development Head Coordinator. I'm sure he will help make twdev great!

Original post date: 4th Apr 2012 10:46

Welcome, POiD!

POiD has completed his first bot dev project and is now a full bot dev member!

Original post date: 27th Mar 2012 14:39

Dev Staff Change

Dezmond is no longer the head of TW Dev. I will be assuming the position temporarily until he is replaced.

Original post date: 16th Feb 2012 15:41

Welcome, Phrenitis!

Phrenitis has joined bot dev to help out with a new zone-wide rating system. Welcome and thanks for the much needed help!

Original post date: 7th Feb 2012 08:41

Congratulations Dral!

Dral has been promoted to a FULL Trench Wars Bot Development Member! Thanks for your help with pubsystem! I'm sure you're going to be a valuable asset to the team.

Original post date: 7th July 2011 16:15

SPAM restrictions tightened

As a result of the number of incoming spam tickets, I've tightened the restrictions on determining tickets as spam. If your ticket gets caught as spam, you can always register or login and retry submitting your ticket.

I will keep an eye on the spam monitoring.

Original post date: 30th June 2011 12:00

Trench Wars Development Blog

TWCore is an application for running bots in 2D multiplayer spaceship game Subspace/Continuum.

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