Posts for the month of January 2014 is now on Trac 0.12

Wooptiedoo! I've upgraded Trac 0.11.4 to 0.12.

Want to know what has changed? Check out the Release Notes of 0.12.


  • Translation of Trac in your language, using Babel.
  • Multiple Repository Support per environment
  • Improved Wiki, more powerful syntax and nicer user interface with automatic preview in side-by-side editing mode
  • Improved Ticket user interface, with editable comments and automatic preview

Unfortunately there are a couple of things not working as they should:

  • Trac update after Subversion commit.
    All fixed and working like it should.
  • There are some version conflict errors in the Trac log file caused by some modules.
    These were old errors that were caused when obsolete modules were still loaded.
  • Somehow the en_US.js translation is missing which is giving lots of errors in the logs.
    Copied the en_US.js file from as I wasn't able to regenerate it from the installation files.

I will update this post with further information. Let me know if you see anything not working as it should. has moved to a new hosting environment!

Due to outgrowing the hosting at DreamHost, I've decided to move all the websites to a VPS. This will make the websites a lot faster and gives me more space to grow.

Subsequently has moved to the new hosting environment. It's now hosted at the VPS which I've named (

Let me know if you have questions or if there are things not working.