Posts for the month of February 2014 is now on Trac 1.0 "Cell"

As you can see, I've upgraded the Trac environment to Trac 1.0.1 (1.1 is still in development).


The following are the highlights for this Trac version:

  • Graph log support in the revision log
  • Added support for Git
  • Refreshed default theme for the user interface
  • Added TracBatchModify functionality
  • Added workflow graph visualization macro
  • Improved date / time handling

More information on

I've removed the (ugly) Trac footer stating the version Trac is running on. The downside (or upside, it's just how you look at it) is that nobody can confirm the version which Trac is running.

For those who really wanted to see what the footer looked like on version 1.0, this is what the footer looked like:

Let me know if you've questions, comments, suggestions or something is broken and needs to be fixed.

Good luck and have fun! :-)