Posts for the month of March 2014

Spam tickets

As you may have noticed, some spam tickets are getting posted again. It's mindboggling how some spam posts slip through the about 14 anti-spam services. On the other side, without the anti-spam measures, we would be facing about 5 to 10 spam tickets every day.

The reason why the recent spam posts went through the anti-spam measures is because they were either posted by an authorised user or the CAPTCHA was solved: We've 4 captcha providers configured, a captcha must be solved if your post is considered spam.

If you see a spam ticket, please do the following:

  • Delete the ticket (solving the ticket as invalid will just make things a mess)
  • Check the spam monitor page if the ticket was marked as spam and 'delete it as spam' if not.
  • Delete the user if an authorised user posted the spam (can be done after clicking the specific spam post on the monitor page).

Unfortunately, I think this subject will never be over as long as we allow anonymous users to post tickets. Something for the current leader to think over.