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Spam tickets

As you may have noticed, some spam tickets are getting posted again. It's mindboggling how some spam posts slip through the about 14 anti-spam services. On the other side, without the anti-spam measures, we would be facing about 5 to 10 spam tickets every day.

The reason why the recent spam posts went through the anti-spam measures is because they were either posted by an authorised user or the CAPTCHA was solved: We've 4 captcha providers configured, a captcha must be solved if your post is considered spam.

If you see a spam ticket, please do the following:

  • Delete the ticket (solving the ticket as invalid will just make things a mess)
  • Check the spam monitor page if the ticket was marked as spam and 'delete it as spam' if not.
  • Delete the user if an authorised user posted the spam (can be done after clicking the specific spam post on the monitor page).

Unfortunately, I think this subject will never be over as long as we allow anonymous users to post tickets. Something for the current leader to think over. is now on Trac 1.0 "Cell"

As you can see, I've upgraded the Trac environment to Trac 1.0.1 (1.1 is still in development).


The following are the highlights for this Trac version:

  • Graph log support in the revision log
  • Added support for Git
  • Refreshed default theme for the user interface
  • Added TracBatchModify functionality
  • Added workflow graph visualization macro
  • Improved date / time handling

More information on

I've removed the (ugly) Trac footer stating the version Trac is running on. The downside (or upside, it's just how you look at it) is that nobody can confirm the version which Trac is running.

For those who really wanted to see what the footer looked like on version 1.0, this is what the footer looked like:

Let me know if you've questions, comments, suggestions or something is broken and needs to be fixed.

Good luck and have fun! :-) is now on Trac 0.12

Wooptiedoo! I've upgraded Trac 0.11.4 to 0.12.

Want to know what has changed? Check out the Release Notes of 0.12.


  • Translation of Trac in your language, using Babel.
  • Multiple Repository Support per environment
  • Improved Wiki, more powerful syntax and nicer user interface with automatic preview in side-by-side editing mode
  • Improved Ticket user interface, with editable comments and automatic preview

Unfortunately there are a couple of things not working as they should:

  • Trac update after Subversion commit.
    All fixed and working like it should.
  • There are some version conflict errors in the Trac log file caused by some modules.
    These were old errors that were caused when obsolete modules were still loaded.
  • Somehow the en_US.js translation is missing which is giving lots of errors in the logs.
    Copied the en_US.js file from as I wasn't able to regenerate it from the installation files.

I will update this post with further information. Let me know if you see anything not working as it should. has moved to a new hosting environment!

Due to outgrowing the hosting at DreamHost, I've decided to move all the websites to a VPS. This will make the websites a lot faster and gives me more space to grow.

Subsequently has moved to the new hosting environment. It's now hosted at the VPS which I've named (

Let me know if you have questions or if there are things not working.

Milestones Undeletable

After some recent house cleaning, I've found that I'm unable to remove any milestones created. I believe it may be a common issue with our version of trac (0.11), but I can't say for sure. For the meantime, please refrain from using these until they are functional once again.

Spam management notice

To all the admins of;

If you see spam tickets (tickets that are, for example, only created for referral links and with lots of nonsense text) please remove these tickets using the "delete" button.
Using this button will redirect you to the admin panel (Delete ticket screen) where you can remove the ticket from the database.

I'm convinced that this is the best way to handle the few tickets that get through the anti-spam measures and prevent the spam tickets to pop up in Google (which will probably still happen if you mark them as invalid).

Only be careful when removing tickets; double check the ticket id before removal because there is no rollback after a ticket is removed.

Maverick back up and running has been down lately due to DreamHost upgrading their Python executable version. This was due to happen some time as Python progresses in versions and the server is upgraded with new Python versions every once in a while.

I've reinstalled the Trac software using DreamHost's own "One Click Installs" to have better compatibility with the server software so that the same thing doesn't happen again.

All the plugins have been reinstalled and on top of that I've installed a couple of new plugins;

Anonymous users can create tickets again but hopefully we can stop any bots or spammers with the current measures.

Have fun!

Ticket Report 17 FIXED!

I FINALLY fixed ticket report query 17 ("Active tickets, Mine first, DESC") so that it displays correctly with the ID numbers descending uniformly per group. It only took me 2 hours... /wrists

Original post date: 4th July 2012 2:18

SPAM restrictions tightened

As a result of the number of incoming spam tickets, I've tightened the restrictions on determining tickets as spam. If your ticket gets caught as spam, you can always register or login and retry submitting your ticket.

I will keep an eye on the spam monitoring.

Original post date: 30th June 2011 12:00