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What game? Take a look here!

Video loads and works fine.

Their are nine screenshots posted. None of them load when clicked on: The requested URL /sshot.php was not found on this server.

Suggestion #1: Replace nine screenshots with active current screenshots of trench wars pub play.

Suggestion #2: Enhance the screenshots section by adding screenshots of: A) A game of ?go base B) ?go javduel
C) Go wbduel D)- Caption these events so people can see what they consist of.

Suggestion #3: Add an additional screenshot section for TWD - show a
TWDD match, a TWJD Match and a TWBD match. Once again caption it. Make sure that the screenshots show the names of squads. This will
help viewers understand what league play consists of.

Suggestion #4: Pull up old screenshots from TWL - show twld, twlj, twlb play.

Each section of screenshots should have a header.

One other idea would be to keep the screenshots of pub in the screenshots section by themselves. And instead of including all the other suggested screenshots on that page, they could be moved to other areas of website. For example when viewers click on wbduel, base or javduel they could get: 1) screenshot pictures of 5 vs 5 dueling
2) an explanation of what wbduel, javduel, ?go base etc is.

The key thing in my opinion though is to simply have working links. It would be great if someone could get lots of active screenshots up, but most of all we don't want new players viewing the website as a resource guide and clicking dead picture links and thinking its a dead game.


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Looked for these and was not sure where the missing screenshots are. I did try /sshot.php and noticed it's missing off of, though.

Has this been fixed?

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