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Failing warp back on round start

Reported by: Trancid Owned by: qan
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Component: Bots - PubSystem/PubAutobot Version: Latest version from repository
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This was reported by Shaddow to me.

Low population base, mid-spawn active, Shaddow was in a shark in the flagroom. New round started, he gets teleported out to clear the mines, but doesn't have !warp enabled, so isn't warped back into the flagroom.

I'm not quite sure if this is an intended feature or a bug, that when a person is already in the flagroom prior to the mine clearing, if he should be teleported back to his/her previous location regardless of the setting of !warp. To me it feels like it should be that the player will be teleported back to its previous location, regardless of the setting, due to the travel time back to the flagroom, especially in low population situations where no terr may be present.

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Partially fixed with [8212] on 12/21/13. Original cause was an exclusion clause that prevents anyone who resides in safe to be teleported out. At this moment, a generic solution has been chosen, which has the side effect that all sharks are teleported to the FR afterwards. Will need to adjust this to warp them to their old locations if they do not have !warp enabled.

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