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Add a jackpot to spice up Pub!

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Have a jackpot on the top right corner of screen that everyone (including spec) can see. The pot will in grow in cash on each kill/ streak/ nice shot but will grow alot faster if the kills are made in flagroom. Now when the match has completed (note match- not game) then 10% of the total money displayed goes into everyone on the winning team. ?Perhaps the % of what goes to each player could be adjusted depending on how many players are playing at the time + total amount.

1)As the jackpot increases: Players in spec who see the jackpot- enter to try and win some the jackpot
2)Having a jackpot can give you unpredictable rewards which will create more interest in playing pub.
3)As the jackpot rises to extremely high amounts- people will start trying + you will get much better quality games because everyone wants to win!
4)Could have longer games as players try and "milk it" to increase the jackpot as much as they can before the try-hards take over.
5)During times when its most active + there is loads in spec, staff can donate their pub cash into the jackpot so things get even more heated.
6)New players are more likely to stick to this game if they see/take part in heated intense team battles that are desperate to win the jackpot.
7) Could advert when jackpot reaches 50k and 100k! etc to draw in more players from other arenas/ spec + keep players playing entertained.

???when the population is at its lowest- make it so the jackpot can be easily increased up until a certain amount... You don't want 3 players getting bored in pub because its taking them forever to increase the jackpot to number worth playing for... but to prevent 3 players abusing things, the jackpot is harder to increase after the players make it reach $5000 for instance.

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