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pub freq size control / balancing

Reported by: bkgmjo Owned by: qan
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Component: Bots - PubSystem/PubAutobot Version: Latest version from repository
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As you might know, freqhopping to the bigger freq is pretty easy(not explaining here ;-)) and reason for many competitive rounds being killed. Also idle floaters have a similar effect on low pop. Two thoughts which might help:

  • Make the bot take snapshots of all freqs every 5 seconds. Just an array of the player's IDs for each freq. On each further snapshot check if players who were not supposed to join the bigger freq are on it now and push them back to their old one. Send them a PM notifying that circumventing game rules is illegal and list their ID in an extra array. On repeated attempt lock them on a freq or in spec for a few minutes and/or notify in staff chat. This idea is only valid until bot core makes use of the "player changed freq" packet.
  • Including an "!idle <name>" command for players to use could reduce afk-on-pub-freq people automatically without requiring a mod. When someone reports another for being idle, the bot would save their location (and ignore when the player is in safe). Then 5 times with 5 seconds between check if the location changed. If this is not the case, PM the reported one. If no answer comes back in a few seconds, place idle player in spec. Abuse would of course need to be punished just like spam. Players using this command and those placed in spec should trigger a notifiction in staff chat, so banC/G operators can warn a repeating offender.

Change History (2)

comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by Shadowmere

Freq balancing is in effect.

Qan has included a way in TW-PubSystem that refuses to let a player change frequencies if the difference becomes >1

comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by qan

Letting players use !afkcheck might be interesting. If we did this kind of position checking it might not be that demanding on the bot. Then if they were seen as not moving it would spec them.

Only problem is that you know it would be abused pretty seriously.

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