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Please allow 2048x1280 res for leagues (and normal arenas)

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The res cap is currently 1920x1440, and I would like to see the res 2048x1280 made usable. Reasons:

(1) I personally would like to see this since I use 2048x1280, and one step down for my macbook pro retina is 1680x1050, with no other working resolutions in between, and that is a huge handicap.

(2) 1920x1440 is better than 2048x1280, so it's very reasonable to allow a res worse than the current limit. If I could, I would prefer to play on 1920x1440, even if the res limit wasn't an issue.

And why do I believe 2048x1280 is worse? Because the extra horizontal of 2048 is not nearly as impactful as the extra vertical of 1440. Someone with 2048x1280 is sort of handicapped in the vertical. Someone with 1920x1440 is for all practical purposes just as good in the horizontal, and much better in the vertical.

Would greatly appreciate it if this would be considered.

Thank you!

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