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TW-Guard TK Watch in Public Arena

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I was spectating a Lev in pub, and he kept ship changing back and forth to gain a better position when he spawned with his Lev... He eventually got DC'd for ship changes, but when he logged back in seconds later, :TW-Guard:!tkinfo %tickname yielded no TK's, although he had plenty prior to being disconnected for ship changes. Not sure if leaving the arena would emulate the same result, but is there any way to have the bot store team kill info for a bit longer after they leave to avoid the potential circumvention of TW-Guards tracking of team kills?

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I'm not sure bots can store info, it has to be a database deal in which the DB can hold info instead for a certain amount of time after a disconnect from the zone, instead of deleting right after disconnect.

A better solution would be to ship-change a players ship after like 3-5 TK's. A normal player that's not really intentionally team killing will not do it more than once or even twice by accident.

A further option can be based on player usage. It can shorten and lengthen the amount of TK's it takes to earn a ship change. A new player will not know any better than to TK the minute he/she gets on a shark. A veteran player knows better and knows if he/she is intentionally team-killing.

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