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Pub Achievements Module:

Set of achievements for players in pub that persist, provide monetary rewards, and are viewable by player or others. Some variables to achievements could include: position, deaths, kills, time, ship type, and more. Would be nice to have usage pulled per player to offer specific achievements to newer players, but this may be optional.

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Sample Achievements File

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Sample Achievements File

comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by SpookedOne

Time requirements may be invalidating location ones on update()
Add prize requirements in with few examples

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by SpookedOne

Found locations to not be reliably updated

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by SpookedOne

Migrating code into independent bot due to location updates

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by SpookedOne

Player location updates are in fact issue with SubGame server itself. Removing pure location requirements from scope, they will still be available for use with other requirements (such as kill, death, weapon fired, etc) with the exception of the Time requirement. Examples:

<location ...>

<death min=1/>



<kill max=0>

<location .../>


are OK, but pure locations (without parent or child requirements, or those of time)

<location .../>


<location ...>

<time min=3/>



<time max=120>

<location .../>


are NOT OK

comment:5 Changed 6 years ago by SpookedOne

1:Joyrider> i think if you allowed the bots to have a bigger resolution then the standard allowed the the location data is more accurate

comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by SpookedOne

I recall the hockeybot location checks doing fairly well in comparison.

Considering this, may move all pure location requirements off the player and move to a centralized list on bot. Would still need a simple requirement on player to flag those nested with time requirements and for persistence (such as a player needing to visit several locations before completion). Example as follows:

load xml
find location requirement while parsing
load an area of interest (aoe) into array from location req
add simplified location req into player's achievement list
(finished initializing and starts...)
monitor aoe's for players and push onto stack while flagging the req
pop when player exits aoe and remove req flag

Probably will require a listener interface on the areas of interest for performing callbacks to the specific requirement.

comment:7 Changed 5 years ago by SpookedOne

"Squad Achievements

This is more so i can put my idea's in 1 place, however going to create a TWD related achievement award (for pub originally but can be increased to other events).

Basically squads will have a !challengemode command added to bot, which will *zone that the squad is attempting the challenge. These challenges will be damn hard to do, but when completed will award the squad an award and pts, the pts will display next to squad name on site as another method for squads to compete.

The layout will be as following:

Pub Challenges:

--- Squad Holds base for 2mins with squad freq of 5 players (min pub population 20) --- 10 pts awarded

--- Squad holds base for 2mins with freq of all (ship #) --- 10pts for each ship (max 80pts)
--- Squad freq goes 100 kills no deaths in pub --- 10 pts
--- squad freq goes 200 kills no deaths in pub --- 20 pts
--- Squad holds base for 2mins with squad freq of 7 players --- 10 pts
--- Squad holds base for 10mins with 5 players (Domination award) --- 50 pts


TWD Challenges:

-- Squad wins a TWD game with opposition getting less then 10 kills (Vet award) --- 30 pts

-- Squad wins 50 games in a row --- 10 pts

ETC - other events can be added, such as win following events while on squad freq (dm/javs etc)

Awards such as domination awards will add an image to their squad page. Since when they attempt the award you get a *zone award, other players will be aware they are attempting it so will be able to stop them, thus making it much harder. For this to work properly, wz and qan will need to do a major bot update, with support from the website."

From Demonic on Ticket #890

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  • Summary changed from Pub Achievements to Achievements

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unfeasible; tagged and removed from trunk;

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