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Hello, I had a recent issue, about a player who was looking for my other aliases in our official website and especially in PUBLIC STATISTICS. As you know, every single player and non-player can Search "Players/Squads".
Now, about the current situation - I have a second officially-powered alias in Trench Wars, which should've been kept in secret, since it's a moderator alias. As we know only upper-staff can see the name and the owner by himself.
However, I am a Bulgarian (the only Bulgarian in staff and one of the few Bulgarians in the game ever). For the person who circulated my alias everywhere in TW, it is known that he's been using the PUBLIC STATISTICS to see where I am coming from, what my screen resolution is and so on. Basically by searching any player in the Search field, you can also see his usage, when is he "Last Seen" and so on. In my opinion this shouldn't be a PUBLIC information that anyone can see, because particulary for my case, it helped someone to identify me (by luck or not), because of the identical Resolution and Location of both of my names, which are pretty rare.
So, what I wanted to suggest is - this type of public information to stay hidden or at least be visible only from the staffers, because, literally, everyone could (as it happened with me) abuse with it. Thanks.

PP:Apologies for the long ticket and bad english. :P

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