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Quota Pts for Trainers

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Hi guys. I need something done for the Staff Trainers.
I'm sorry if this is not detailed enough, I don't code and can't really sometimes think of what kind of info you need.

Here's what I need:

In the Montly Statistics at /staff site I want a new column in the charts. Where it says "on it", "got it", "hosts", blabla, I want a column saying "Trainer" or something.

There should be two ways for Trainers to get points.

1. Supervising an event when !granting adverts to ZH.
Everytime a Trainer !grants an advert to a ZH, and stays in the hosted arena to supervise it (check it like 3 times in 10 minutes) he will get either 0.5 points or 1 point added into that "Trainer" Quota section. It is still to be decided on if 0.5 or 1 point, but I don't think that changing the number would be a huge difficulty, I'm sorry if it is of great importance for you.

2. Manually giving Quota Points
Because trainers do more than only supervising events, I want SMod+ (primarily that would be the deans and me, so you might want to create OPs for it, so that not every SMod can do it?) to be able to grant them quota points for doing a certain task.
In my head, it is very similar to this, already implemented function where SMod+ are able to grant people points for Hosts:
(ZonerBot)>| !cred <name>:#:<arena> - Gives # weekend event hosting credits to <name> for <arena>

For Training I could imagine a command like
!reward <trainer>:#:<reason> - Gives # training points to <trainer> for <reason>
The credit that we reward there, would go into the "Trainer" column at Monthly Statistics along with a "Top trainers for grants" to fit in with the other stats.
I'm not sure on this one, but I suggest to implement it into ZonerBot because we already work quite much through it.

There is no rush to get this task done asap, but it would be great to have it availiable soon. :)

For questions or more details please PM me ingame. Thanks! :)

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Requirement one (strike-through) is unfeasible to enforce. Please advice if you still would like points awarded when !grant is used.

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Requirement #2, Manual points has been added to zonerbot under commands !credtrainer or !ct for short.

Format is !ct <staffer>:#:<reason> or !ct <staffer>:<reason>

# is the number of credits to give. If left off a default of 1 is given.

Staff site has also been updated to include a new column 'Train' to show and store the points. Also changed site so credits can be given a weighting... ie 0.5 points per credit. This also is stored when deans save monthly stats for later editing if necessary.

Only thing outstanding is determining how best to handle automated points giving for !grant commands done when the trainer stays in the arena to watch. I have some ideas and will work on it when time is available.

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