The HubBot is the main bot of TWCore. It is responsible for spawning new bots, shutting down bots and access control. HubBot also features a few commands for status information and troubleshooting. HubBot is always spawned automatically whenever TWCore is started as it's the first bot in the zone to represent TWCore.

Help interface

The current !help interface for owner access looks like this:

     TWHub> Access: Owner [lvl 9]
     TWHub> You have access to 19 / 19 commands.
     TWHub> -----------------------------------------------
     TWHub> BOT CONTROL:      !spawn !spawnmax !spawnauto !forcespawn !waitinglist !listbots
     TWHub>                   !remove !removetype
     TWHub>                   !shutdowncore !smartshutdown !shutdownidlebots !shutdownallbots
     TWHub> ACCESS CONTROL:   !updateaccess !listoperators
     TWHub> SERVER TROUBLESH: !billerdown !recycleserver
     TWHub> STATUS:           !uptime !dbstatus !version
     TWHub> -----------------------------------------------
     TWHub> Message ::!help <command> for more information.

You can private message !help <command> for more information. This command information explains what the command does, the syntax, the arguments and the access required to execute this command.