This bot is used for single-event hosting and event utility management. Designed as a replacement for TWBot.

Acessed by:
* Only + can use this bot.

Available commands:
This is the list of commands from an unlocked Multibot.

This is the list of commands from a locked Multibot.

Here is the list of all Games Multibot has to offer:

acro ballspec baseassault
bbj bfallout bountyhunter
bship cnr commander
conquer dangerous enigma
fallout freezetag gangwars
golden gravbomber hunt
killer killrace marco
payback platoon poker
prodem rabbit raceelim
revenge rps soccerrace
spaceball speed starcon
trivia tugawar untouchable

Here is a list of all the Utilities Multibot has to offer:

antispawn art autopilot
donations doors etc
flags flagwarppt hotspots
lagout messages objons
poll prizes random
remote safes shipc
shiplimit shiprestrict spawnpmer
spec spec2 standard
streak turret warp
warprand watchtk

How to use:

For more information on a specific Game or Utility, please go it's corresponding page by clicking the name in the above lists. (Links will appear as soon as those specific pages are updated).